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Know the difference between a forehand and a backhand, but having trouble finding a tennis betting site that meets all your requirements? No need to worry, we have searched the internet to provide you with a definitive list of the top tennis betting sites.

Whether you prefer betting on the four Grand Slam tournaments or predicting the winner of a smaller event, our recommended sites offer a wide range of betting options to help you make a profit from this racket sport.

Sport - Tennis

How Tennis Betting Works

Tennis betting is a little different from other ball games because there are no draws. A tennis match consists of 3 to 5 games and is played on a rectangular court where one or two players are on different sides of a net. Each side aims to win by earning more points than the opponent.

When betting on a men’s or women’s tennis game, you place a bet on the player you think will win. Other options include predicting the first to reach a certain number of points, margins, and handicaps. If your prediction is correct, you win the potential winnings.

You will find tennis games arranged by major tournaments or countries, so it’s easy to find your preferred one. Simply select the game and market, decide the bet amount, and place your bet.


Explanation of the Most Popular Types of Tennis Betting

You have multiple options when it comes to betting on tennis matches. It’s crucial to grasp each bet type to select the most suitable market for your prediction. Here are some of the popular ones and how to bet on them.

Match Betting

A match bet is similar to a Moneyline or outright bet. However, instead of choosing the overall winner of the tennis tournament, you are selecting the winner of an individual game. Keep in mind that there is no draw option, and you can only choose one of the players.

The odds for each side depend on the expected outcome. Usually, the favorites have lower odds compared to the underdogs. But having lower odds doesn’t guarantee a higher chance of winning. Here’s an example: James Belt (2.35) vs. Wallace Watson (3.21). You decide which player will win and place your bet. This is the simplest type of bet.

Set Betting

In set betting, you make predictions about the winner of a tennis match and the specific outcome of the sets played. By doing this, you increase the odds by betting on two possible outcomes within a set. Let’s take an example: if Albert Montana is playing against Santiago Giraldo, your set bets could look like this:

  • Albert Montana wins 2-1
  • Albert Montana wins 2-0
  • Santiago Giraldo wins 2-1
  • Santiago Giraldo wins 2-0

Bookmakers offer odds for any of the two out of three best possible outcomes in a three-set match. This type of betting provides better odds compared to betting solely on the match winner or a single set’s outcome.


A scorecast bet in tennis involves predicting the exact score of a set and the expected winner. This type of bet usually offers higher odds compared to many other tennis markets due to betting on two outcomes. However, it also comes with a higher risk compared to other markets.

The scorecast markets generally offer options for each set, allowing you to bet on one or multiple sets simultaneously. For instance, let’s consider a match between Guido Pella and Santiago Giraldo. Here are some examples of scorecast options including the exact scores and corresponding winners:

  • Santiago Giraldo 6-0 2.5 Guido Pella 6-1 3.04
  • Santiago Giraldo 6-1 2.01 Guido Pella 6-2 3.45
  • Santiago Giraldo 6-2 2.62 Guido Pella 6-3 4.01

Over/Under Betting

Typically, over/under betting revolves around predicting the number of sets required to complete each game. Instead of selecting a winner, you gauge the match’s duration. The prevalent market in this category is usually over/under 2.5.

If you think the tennis match will conclude in two sets, you bet under 2.5. However, if you anticipate the match will exceed two sets, you opt for the over market. The odds for either option are often imbalanced and unequal.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting or spread betting typically enhances the chances in outrights or match betting. If you anticipate a player to win, like when a strong player faces a weaker opponent, you can bet on the margin of victory or defeat instead.

In handicap betting, as the name implies, you give one player a handicap or increase the odds for the weaker ones to ensure a fair competition from the beginning of the match. Here’s an example. The game odds might be:

  • Player 1 +2.5
  • Player 2 -2.5

You are betting that player one will lose by three sets and player two will win by a similar number of sets. If player one loses by only one set, you lose the bet. Also, if player two wins by just two sets, this means you lost your bet.

Tennis Accumulators

Tennis accumulators are a type of multiple bet where you combine several bets to increase your odds and potentially win more money. However, this also comes with higher risks. Nevertheless, if you analyze your choices thoroughly, you can still make reasonable winnings. Many players choose match bets to include in their tennis accumulators, but you have the freedom to select any tennis market for your picks.

Accumulator bets are settled once all the games on the betslip are finished. If you lose even a single bet, you lose the entire stake. However, some bookmakers provide insurance promotions like free bets or cashback options to refund a portion of the money lost in selected accumulator bets. Additionally, some bookmakers offer cash-out options, allowing you to claim your winnings before all the selections are completed.

Guide on Placing a Tennis Bet: Step-By-Step Instructions

Placing a tennis bet is just like betting on any other game. This involves steps that new players can follow to start with the bookmaker if they don’t already have a betting account. You can use the steps described below on any gambling platform.

Choose A Good Tennis Betting Site

If you don’t have a betting account, find a trustworthy gambling platform. The platform should have a wide range of tennis matches from around the world, not only focusing on major leagues. Also, choose a platform that accepts players from your area, so transactions are convenient.

Ensure the bookmaker’s website is user-friendly and offers different features. For frequent players, look for a mobile app or a mobile site that works well.

Create Your Betting Account

To begin your baseball betting journey, start by finding the perfect sportsbook. Once you’ve identified the ideal one, proceed to create an account. Simply navigate to the registration page and provide the required information. It’s important to note that registering an account is crucial for gaining unrestricted access to all sections of the bookie. Furthermore, it’s the only way to place real money bets.

Select A Payment Method And Initiate A Deposit Transaction

By creating an account, you gain access to the cashier page where you can select a deposit method. After choosing your preferred payment method, please verify the minimum deposit amount and proceed to fund your account, ensuring compliance with any applicable deposit method restrictions.

Make Your Bets

You can use real money to place a sports bet with a positive bankroll. However, it’s vital to carefully assess the available events presented by the operator and analyze the appropriate betting markets.

Additionally, you should compare the odds before proceeding with your bet. Considering all these factors will enhance your likelihood of making a favorable bet on the sportsbook.

Tips and Strategies for Tennis Betting

To improve your chances of winning in tennis betting, it’s crucial to make accurate predictions and employ an effective strategy. Here are some practical tips to enhance your profitability and increase your likelihood of making correct predictions in the long run.

Treating tennis betting as a business is important, so seek ways to make it profitable. This section offers practical tips to improve your chances of winning and achieving long-term profitability. You can implement multiple tips simultaneously.

Keep An Eye Out For The Best Odds That Are Available

Tennis offers various betting options with different odds. If you find a prediction that applies to multiple markets, choose the market with the highest odds for all your tennis bets. By doing so, you can increase your potential winnings without wagering more or betting on multiple games. Many bettors focus only on match bets and overlook other lucrative markets that offer higher payouts.

Let’s consider an example. If you expect your player to win, you can increase your potential winnings by using a handicap. Generally, handicap odds are higher than match betting odds.

Take Advantage of Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting

Matched betting and Arbitrage betting are two types of tennis betting strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Matched betting involves utilizing bookmakers’ bonuses, like free bets, to make actual cash. To do this, you place a bet using the promotional amount. Conversely, Arbitrage betting involves placing bets on different outcomes of the same event across multiple sportsbooks, reducing the risk involved.

Follow Tennis Tipsters and Their Expert Predictions

Many internet tipsters give different predictions, while experts in the field offer insights on upcoming games and players. It’s advisable to follow multiple tipsters and experts for diverse insights, data sources, and predictions.

Keep an eye on the playing surface of a game.

The type of court impacts the game’s result. For instance, a hard court makes the ball bounce lower, leading to shorter rallies. Conversely, a clay court slows down the ball, resulting in a higher bounce and longer rallies.

Certain players perform well on specific courts while struggling on others. It’s beneficial to examine their performance and statistics on different surfaces to gauge their upcoming match. Simply check the internet for court information.

Keep Track of Your Betting Record

Betting should be like a business, which means you should pay attention to how much you are winning or losing. You can keep track of your betting by looking at the history tab in your bookmaker’s account. This will help you figure out if you make mistakes, which markets you can predict correctly, and how to manage your money over time.

Take the Small Profits and Wins

Many punters want to win a lot of money quickly. This could happen, but it’s not likely. A better way to make money from betting is to place average wagers and odds and take in small wins over time. These small wins add up and can lead to a steady income from betting.

Common Mistakes in Tennis Betting

Tennis bettors often make errors while managing their betting accounts or choosing markets, leading to losses. Here’s a brief overview of some typical betting mistakes and tips to avoid them to improve your chances of making a profit.

Lack of Understanding About the Sport

Betting on a game you’re unfamiliar with is a grave mistake. Understanding tennis involves knowing the rules, how points are scored, fouls, the ranking system, and being able to judge a player’s skill level compared to their opponent.

Understanding the game allows you to pick up on subtle details, facts, and potential events that could occur during the match. Thankfully, there are plenty of free resources online to learn about tennis. Don’t attempt to place a bet until you’ve learned about the game.

Overlooking Player Form and Injuries

A player’s physical condition is just as crucial as their skill set. Regrettably, many bettors focus solely on past performance and disregard any injuries or issues that could negatively impact a player’s physical health. Such problems can lead to subpar performance and result in a loss to a less talented opponent.

Information about a player’s physical condition and injuries is readily available online. A quick search using the player’s name and adding ‘form’ or ‘injuries’ should provide the information you need. This information can help you determine if the player is likely to perform as expected in the next match.

Poor Management of Your Betting Funds

The first step to financial discipline is managing your funds responsibly. It’s important to set a betting limit for a certain period to prevent overspending and financial strain.

Unfortunately, many bettors struggle to create a budget and end up spending all their money. Others who have set aside betting funds often spend it impulsively on a few poorly chosen games. Always decide how much you’re willing to lose and spread it out over a period to avoid the temptation of depositing more and boost your chances of making a profit.

Refrain from Betting on Your Favorite Tennis Player

Every tennis fan has a favorite player. Unfortunately, we often expect them to perform well, even when the odds are against them. This blind faith often results in a loss as bettors overlook clear signs that their player is likely to lose.

Try to avoid betting on your favorite player. If you choose to bet on them, make sure to analyze and scrutinize their performance just like you would for any other player.

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