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Are you a big football fan looking for the top football betting sites? Then you’re on the right page.

At betra777, we’ve made the ultimate football betting guide to assist you in placing bets on the world’s most popular sport in a safe and simple manner. Whether you’re interested in betting on prestigious leagues, local competitions, or global tournaments, we have you covered with every aspect of online betting on this beautiful game.

Sport - Football

How Football Betting Works

To bet on football like a pro, it’s crucial to grasp the mechanics of football betting. This involves staking on specific football matches sourced from various tournaments, like the following:

  • English Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • European Championship
  • FIFA Club World Cup
  • Copa America
  • FA Cup

Every sportsbook offers a variety of football markets and different odds to bet on. Some even provide special features to help with football betting. It’s your choice to select the markets and odds for your football bets. Keep in mind that you can place pre-match or live bets. Additionally, betra777 offer fixed odds betting and spread betting options, which are convenient for bettors.


Explanation of the Most Popular Types of Football Betting

It is impossible to place a bet without football betting types. Betting markets are used to guide you on the kind of predictions you can make on a sportsbook. Here are some common football betting types that you should know.

Outright (winner) bets

The Outright Winner betting market entails predicting the winning team of a specific tournament, such as the UEFA Champions League or the English Premier League. For instance, you can place a bet on Manchester United emerging as the champions among the 20 football clubs in the Premier League. A profit will only be realized if Manchester United indeed clinches the league title. Prior to the commencement of the tournament, it is recommended to explore the Outright Winner option to leverage potentially favorable odds.


Handicap is a frequently used betting option in situations where a stronger team competes against a weaker football club. The purpose of the handicap is to create a level playing field by placing a disadvantage on the stronger team. For example, if Manchester City is playing against Watford, the bookmaker might assign Manchester City a -1.5 handicap. In order to win the bet, Manchester City’s final score would be reduced by 1.5 and then compared to the score of Watford. If Manchester City still leads, the bet is considered a win. In football, there are two types of handicaps: Asian Handicap and European Handicap.

Over/Under Markets

The Over/Under market is a frequently encountered option in the realm of football betting. This market is appropriate for those who seek to predict variables rather than the precise outcome. For instance, you can make a prediction that the Total Score of a match will exceed 2.5. Consequently, you would succeed in your football bet if the total match score is three or higher.

Totals – Corners, Bookings

Totals is a popular betting option offered by bookmakers. It involves predicting the total number of corners, goals, or points earned in a match. Additionally, you can also place a bet on the total number of bookings in an event. Totals betting is commonly used alongside Over/Under bets. For example, suppose Arsenal is playing against Leeds United. You can choose to bet on Total goals over 2.5. To win the bet, the combined score of both teams should be three or more.


An accumulator is a form of bet that combines multiple predictions into a single wager. The primary types of accumulators consist of the following:

  • Treble
  • Four-Fold
  • Five-Fold
  • Six-Fold

For instance, in a tournament, you can place a bet on Arsenal to Win, Chelsea to Lose, Manchester City to Win, and Crystal Palace to Win. If all the predictions are accurate, you will be successful in the accumulator. However, in case any of the predictions are incorrect, you will lose the entire bet.

Double Chance

Double Chance is like an expansion of the well-known 1×2 football betting market. Rather than just predicting one outcome, you actually get to predict two outcomes for a single event. You have the option to choose either Home Win or Draw, or select Away Win or Draw. For example, if Chelsea is playing Arsenal, you can choose Chelsea to Win or draw. As a result, you will win if Chelsea Wins or Draws. However, keep in mind that the odds for this type of betting option are usually smaller because it is seen as less risky.

Half Time/ Full Time

Making a Half Time/Full Time bet involves predicting both the score at halftime and the outcome of the match at full time. In the case of a knockout match, extra time is not considered; only the regular 90 minutes are taken into account. It’s important to note that there are three possible outcomes for halftime and full time: Home Win, Draw, and Away Win. So, for example, in a match between Brentford and Leicester City, you can predict a Draw at halftime and Leicester City to win at full time.


The Scorecast is a great football betting choice if you want to combine two bets into one. Scorecast involves predicting the first Goalscorer and the Correct Score. So, if Liverpool is playing against Chelsea, you can predict Moh Salah as the initial Goal Scorer and Liverpool winning 3-1.

Guide on Placing a Football Bet: Step-By-Step Instructions

Placing a football bet is a straightforward process that can be achieved by following a few steps outlined in this comprehensive football betting guide.

Choose A Good Football Betting Site

Before placing any football bets, it is crucial to select a reputable football betting site. Checking that the site covers all major football tournaments and offers a comprehensive range of football betting markets is essential. Moreover, it should provide useful features like a bet builder, cash-out function, and live streaming. These functions greatly enhance the ease of football betting.

Create Your Betting Account

To begin your football betting journey, start by finding the perfect sportsbook. Once you’ve identified the ideal one, proceed to create an account. Simply navigate to the registration page and provide the required information. It’s important to note that registering an account is crucial for gaining unrestricted access to all sections of the bookie. Furthermore, it’s the only way to place real money bets.

Select A Payment Method And Initiate A Deposit Transaction

By creating an account, you gain access to the cashier page where you can select a deposit method. After choosing your preferred payment method, please verify the minimum deposit amount and proceed to fund your account, ensuring compliance with any applicable deposit method restrictions.

Make Your Bets

You can use real money to place a sports bet with a positive bankroll. However, it’s vital to carefully assess the available events presented by the operator and analyze the appropriate betting markets. Additionally, you should compare the odds before proceeding with your bet. Considering all these factors will enhance your likelihood of making a favorable bet on the sportsbook.

Tips and Strategies for Football Betting

Winning bets can be challenging for both seasoned bettors and beginners. That’s why it’s crucial to follow the football betting tips and strategies provided below.

Keep An Eye Out For The Best Odds That Are Available

Bookies offer different football odds depending on the betting market. It is important to ensure that you search for the most favorable odds. Betra777 has an excellent selection of odds. Additionally, compare the live and pre-match odds to determine their competitiveness. Keep in mind that higher odds result in higher profits. Also, consider the odds formats as an important factor to take into account.

Take Advantage of Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting

Matched betting and Arbitrage betting are two types of football betting strategies that could help you improve your chances of winning. In matched betting, you take advantage of bookmakers’ bonuses, such as free bets, to win real cash. This is done by placing a bet using the promotional amount. On the other hand, Arbitrage betting involves placing bets on different outcomes of the same event across multiple sportsbooks, effectively reducing the risk involved.

Follow Football Tipsters and Their Expert Predictions

To improve your chances of successful bets, it is recommended that you follow football tipsters and take advantage of their expert predictions. By doing so, you can increase your likelihood of placing winning wagers. Football tipsters typically conduct extensive research on various football matches prior to offering their expert predictions. Utilizing their football betting advice can save you time when placing your bets. Additionally, they can be especially helpful if you are new to betting.

Keep Track of Your Betting Record

It’s important to keep a record of your football betting history. This means analyzing your wins and losses in various football events. To simplify the process of recordkeeping, ensure that you maintain detailed notes for your football bets.

Take the Small Profits and Wins

It’s crucial to acknowledge and appreciate small victories and profits. These minor accomplishments contribute significantly to the growth of your bankroll. When small wins are accumulated, they become meaningful in the long run. Embracing small wins also prevents the temptation to chase big wins, which often result in substantial losses. Remember to consider your betting strategy, especially if you’re new to sports gambling.

Typical Missteps in Football Betting

Committing mistakes while betting on football can result in a loss or unknowingly drain your betting funds. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the typical football betting errors outlined below and learn how to avoid them.

Lack of Knowledge About the Sport

Before placing any bets, you should have a good grasp of the sport. For example, understand the rules of football, the teams, and if possible, get to know the players, their strong points and weak spots. This knowledge will simplify your research on various football events. Plus, you won’t need to constantly refer to your notes every time you want to place a bet.

Overlooking Team Performance and Injuries

Disregarding team form and injuries can lead to inaccurate predictions. A team’s performance is directly related to its form. If key players on a team are injured, it’s likely that the football club will not perform well. Ignoring such factors could cause you to miss significant football betting odds, particularly when placing a Match Winner bet.

Poor Management of Your Betting Funds

If you’re not careful with your betting habits, you’re likely to mismanage your funds. This mistake is common among novice bettors. When you’re new to football betting, you might be tempted to place bets without thinking, as long as you stand to win big. To avoid mismanaging your funds, establish weekly and monthly betting limits and make sure not to exceed them.

Avoid of Betting on Your Favorite Team

Refrain from placing bets on your favorite team. This means avoiding bets driven by emotions. Instead, place bets based on the results of thorough research. If your team is Chelsea and the evidence suggests they’ll lose their next match, don’t hesitate to bet against them. This will prevent you from making incorrect bets that could cost you your stake.

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