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aviator CRASH GAME
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Aviator Crash Game

About the Game

  The Aviator game is growing in popularity in Nigeria compared to other online casino games. This is a crash game where you can earn real money instantly. The player can have two bets going at once. You win when you make the right guess to cash out at the right time before the plane flew away.

  Are you brave enough to dare enough to win?

  If you bet high and use two betting options, it’s risky. Having fun and playing with care could not be too risky if you want to play for fun.

(Two bettings Optional)
aviator two betting options
Playing this game requires no expertise, since it’s based on chance and timing, so any player can play when they reach gambling age.

Experts and even newbies can win or lose depending on their guess. 

AVIATOR GAME instant win

Why Aviator is Popular in  Nigeria?

 √ √√  Nigerians love the Aviator game for several reasons:

  • Instant WIN!
  • Simplicity
  • Luck-based
  • Accessibility
  • Social Elements
  • High RTP Mini game
  • Mobile  Friendly 
  • Trendy
  •  Visual Appealing 
  • High Multipliers

Is Aviator is Legitimate to play in Nigeria?

  In Nigeria, the legitimacy of the Aviator game depends on where and how you play it. Various online casinos and betting platforms offer Aviator as an online gambling game. Local laws in Nigeria can affect the legality of these platforms and games.

Aviator: Tutorial & Demo Play

Watch the demo play to get familiar with the game.

How to Play Aviator?

Follow the three STEPS:

Nigerian currency

  1. Place a bet, even two at once, and wait for the round to start.
lucky plane aviator

     2. Watch out for the lucky plane. You win based on your bet multiplied by the lucky plane coefficient.

cashout aviator
     3. Cash out before the plane flies away and the money is yours. 
winning tips

Winning Tips: Aviator Game


  These are just winning tips accumulated by some of the succeeding players. These tips can be used, but they’re not guaranteed to let players win 100%. It’s just a winning tip so new players can get familiarized or make ther own strategies.

  1. Bet wisely: Start with small bets so you can extend your gameplay.

  2. Bet only on option one. Don’t bet on two things at once. You’ve got to be quick with any vrash games. It is risky to place bets at the same time because you may not be able to cash out immediately. The plane will fly away. The slowly internet might affect yourt betting actions to cash out immediately. 

  3. Watch out for other players. In the future, you’ll see some similar situations. Make sure you watch the game first, it is Live. As a reference, you can take advantage of it.

  4. Know when to stop. There’s a lot of excitement and adrenaline in this game. You can stop the game and withdraw your winnings as soon as as you win to avoid loss in the future.  

Where to Play Aviator?

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Are you ready to fly with Aviator?

  Betra777 Online Casino should be on your list of iGaming platforms. They have different casino games, sports betting like football, rugby, cricket, slot games & the top mini games like Aviator by Spribe.

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FAQ – Aviator Game

What is the RTP of the Aviator game?

The Aviator game has a 97.3% RTP.

Where can I play the Aviator game?

Spribe Mini games & Slot games are present and can be played at Betra777 Online casino.

Is Aviator legitimate in Nigeria?

.In Nigeria, the legitimacy of the Aviator game depends on where and how you play it. Various online casinos and betting platforms offer Aviator as an online gambling game.

Can I play Aviator for real money?

Yes. Aviator when playing in a Legit Online casino guarantees the winnings. It is a live game that could monitor your cashout and other players’ winnings.


Do not overindulge, but learn to stop.
It is 
important to gamble responsibly!